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Every day we make a difference

Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. manufactures human plasma-derived therapeutic products for the treatment of various blood related disorders.

BPL has built a justifiable reputation for quality, safety, consistency of supply and innovation. Our aim is to assist ever more health professionals within the NHS and overseas to find solutions to their healthcare challenges.

Our products save lives every single day

Whether in helping haemophiliacs, crash and trauma victims, newborn babies, the aged or people with rare immune deficiency conditions- our products make a difference.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to safety, product quality and in the support we give to health professionals and to patients.

As part of the ethical pharmaceutical industry our work is subject to rules and regulations of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and other national and international regulators.

We are looking for people who want to make a real difference

  • We are seeking people of the highest calibre in terms of their ability, their achievements, their commitment and their personal life goals.
  • This requires integrity, honesty, the recognition of common objectives and the ability to use acknowledged talent as part of a team
  • We are looking for people who will respond to our challenging way of working and who are looking to grow personally, professionally and academically.


To be the leading supplier of plasma products to UK patients.

We will:

  • Be innovative and competitive
  • Provide up to date products
  • Operate economically through full and efficient use of our resources

Help us to help you make a difference

Current number of bpl employees is 560

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